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Engineering Leader, innovator, and occasional writer

Projects - Guidance for Engineering Leaders (2019+)

Engineering teams are hard to align because the systems they build are so abstract. Sharing behaviours that align and increase capability, has been the basis for much of my success with teams. I've written over 20 original principles and edited many others, the articles I write are rooted in alignment of engineering organisations.

The project is open-source, with contributions from around the world.

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Tech: python, JavaScript

Newsletter: Engineering Leadership concepts (2023+)

Bitesized engineering concepts in a newsletter. It covers important engineering leadership concepts visually, to help leaders understand in a way that sticks.

For Management, Architects & Tech Leads.

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Info I create the graphics and short articles.

Many Whys - Better root cause analysis powered by AI (2023+)

Large Language models have allowed consolidated slow thinking in natural language. ManyWhys app takes advantage of this to rapidly speed up, focus, and guide users to the underlying causes of problems. It does this by integrating hard-earned wisdom behind the scenes.

It improves on the 5 whys process by branching and helping guide the participants using causality chains.

App | White paper | Video Demo

Tech: Typescript, python
Principles: dependency inversion, separate core logic from the framework

Vodelling - A reinforcing architecture process (2021+)

Architecture often guides behaviour in one direction, but the Vodelling process gets product, engineering, and architecture involved in a self-reinforcing process that keeps the high-level business source of truth in sync with the codebase. You can read more about how it came about below. I've been using it with teams since 2021. It can run on any virtual whiteboard, such as Miro.

Vodelling articles | Trademarks (UK00003814804, UK00003899119)


Going beyond the Hype of AI - Understanding and unlocking AI potential in your organisation (2023)

A presentation and advice given to a select group of CTOs to help them make decisions about avoiding the hype of current AI trends.


Tech: LLMs - Transformer Architecture

Tech leaders Hub - Guidance for Engineering leadership on decisions, mental models, principles (2021)

A podcast chat on the Tech Leaders Hub about aligning engineering teams


Optimising FX Trading platform. From 4.52s compute to 0.03s (2015)

Re-engineering trading tiles for vast performance increases. Bypassing core framework libraries, fixing memory leaks, and optimising rendering - An internal presentation

PDF | Related Article: Increasing performance of large apps | Related code: open-source code

Tech: JavaScript


Three articles of many

An Optimisation Challenge - Going fast with machine learning, image recognition, and web performance (6.5 seconds to 0.02)

A holistic performance optimisation journey - how to push web performance, image recognition and model interference to its limits - 6.50 seconds to 0.02 seconds.

Tech: Go, Python, Machine Learning (Tensorflow), OpenCV, JavaScript

Make the invisible, visible

My most important principle and the basis for all my work.

Innovation series

Innovation from the bottom-up. Problem-solving, principles and new processes.

Data Visualisation

Some data visualisations (that I'm allowed to show)

JavaScript (d3)


webgl, glsl