Task-driven Autonomous Agent or the first-step towards the infinite paperclips AI machine

I came across this “whitepaper” written by ChatGPT: https://yoheinakajima.com/task-driven-autonomous-agent-utilizing-gpt-4-pinecone-and-langchain-for-diverse-applications/

It was based on the prompts:

I would like to incubate a startup founded by GPT4. Please write instructions and code for a code that runs intermittently to create, complete, and prioritize tasks. This should use Python and GPT4 API, and store tasks in Pinecone. Use Langchain agents with ChatGPT plug-ins to complete tasks. Each loop should consist of the following steps: (1) review task list and complete first task by retrieving relevant context from Pinecone and using Langchain agent with ChatGPT plug-ins, (2) enrich result of task with further context and store in Pinecone, (3) create new tasks based on results, add do task list, and reprioritize task list for next iteration.


You are an Al science researcher. Analyze the following code and write a scientific research paper describing what it’s for, how it works, the novel approaches it takes, and the significance of this new approach for Al and the world.


Analyze the following code and show a flowchart of how it works by writing it in Graphviz.


Write a tweet thread based on the following research paper:

The best part about it, Chatgpt can produce Graphviz… of course it can - nice.